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  • Product Type: Pre-painted Steel Coil
  • Place of origin: China
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  • Price Terms: FOB, CIF
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
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  • Brand Name: CBM

Products Information

Color coated steel sheet
Pre-painted steel sheet use cold-rolled galvanized steel sheet as substrate, through surface de-oiling, phosphating and chromating and further processed by coating and baking.
Heat treatment is up to 96 hours at 120℃ in order to avoid luster and resist to fading & impact, to ensure the free of peeling and the uniformity of other characteristics and the quality of the coating. It is stable and better than painting or brush painting on the metal surface. Moreover, it can keep bright and rustiness for 15-20 years. This pre-painted steel product is rapidly developed and widely used in the construction, household appliance, decoration and other industries. And we also have 36 different colors available to choose.

Construction industry (Outdoor):
workshop, agricultural warehouses, housing prefabricated component, corrugated roof, walls, rainwater pipes, balcony railings, news stall, booth and rolling door.
Construction industry (Indoor): doors, door frames, housing light steel structure, screens ceilings, elevators, stairs and ventilation stack.
Electrical industry: Electric refrigerators, washing machines, switchgear, instrument cabinets, air conditioners, microwave ovens, baking machine.
Furniture Industry: radiator, lamp shades, wardrobe, desk, bed, suitcase, bookshelf
Transport industry: interior trim of automobile and train, clapboard, container, isolation lairage, clapboard of steamship
Others: tablet, dustbin, billboards, watches, typewriter, instrument panel, photographic material.

Zinc or Al-Zn
Uniform galvanization
Light mass but high strength.
Aesthetic appearance.
High resistance to corrosion / Rusting.
Extra Protection of organic coating on the galvanized layer for extending service life.
Wide range of coating options to suit stringent weather conditions.
Appropriate hardness
Wide product range
Glossy finish
Maintenance free.
Environmental friendly.
Safe & protected packing

Standard size

Thickness(mm) Width1000(mm) Width1200(mm) Galvanized quantity
0.236 * * *
0.286 * * *
0.326 * * *
0.350 * * *
0.376 * * *
0.426 * * *
0.476 * * *
0.526 * * *

Technical Specification
The size range of our color coated steel sheet
Thickness(mm): 0.236-1. 0
Width(mm): 760-1220
Max Steel Roll Weight(kg): 6000
Inside Diameter Of steel Roll(mm): 508

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